At OnPoint we strive to create an environment that encourages and rewards high performance. We expect a lot from our team and we reward the effort.

Working for OnPoint means being engaged in the work you do every day. Engagement is about action – the actions you take when you make the effort to improve. Your efforts make OnPoint a great company for you, your co-workers and our clients. How much are you able to do to make a difference?

At OnPoint we are creating a culture that encourages engagement. We are committed to taking action to help make you successful.

What can you expect from OnPoint?

  • Performance expectations are clearly defined
  • You will understand how to do your job
  • You will have access to the resources needed to do the job
  • You will have opportunities to feel an impact and fulfillment at work
  • Working for OnPoint means being part of a team that is working together to build a better company
  • You will be given the opportunity to improve and develop
  • Your achievement is recognized and rewarded